Holly Hammond

When holly came to me about doing these photos i really was honored. I could not believe her strength in the hardest time in her life. I have known holly since high school! She has always been a strong person in general since i met her. We of course went on with our lives not keeping any touch but social media since school. I saw she had got married and moved away with her husband and looked so happy. One day i had heard about a plane crash in Afghanistan and several men had died. I never imagined in a million years one of the men on that plane was married to someone i knew. I of course never wanted to bother in that time in her life but wanted to do something for her.. but knew there was probably nothing that could help her in that time. Once i received that message i KNEW how important these would be for her... she brought all of their things together.. his things.. photos they had together. There was a lot of tears but also happy moments for her.  Holly you are truly a unbelievable example of a strong woman and i look up to you in many ways. Thank you for letting me capture these for you. Prayers for everyone's loved ones who were lost that day.

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I want to say thank you for his service along with everyone else who fights for us every single day. Prayers for everyone's families who have lost someone they love.