I am so happy to finally share Nick and Kathys highlight blog FINALLY from their wedding. Such a honor to meet both of these sweet souls! Read their story here ---

"Nick and I met in 2009 when my best friend Abi introduced us. We all went and ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Nick was a small town boy going to school at the University of Alabama and I was figuring things out for myself in Pensacola. I like to believe it was destiny us meeting each other when we did. For the next few months we would randomly run into each other all the time. After a while I finally gave him my number and from that point forward we were inseparable. Fast forward 6 years and we find out that God has blessed us with a beautiful baby girl! This was the hardest time of our life. Nick was working back and forth in Montgomery and I was on bedrest at my mother’s house. He still found a way to make sure that we were taken care of the whole time. We had Kyndall Renea at 26 weeks’ gestation and were blessed to spend 11 beautiful days with our angel baby. The next few months were nothing short of a roller coaster ride for the two of us, but somehow brought us closer together than ever before. Nick proposed to me at our angel baby’s bed on Christmas morning and it was the most romantic thing I could have ever asked for, and now we are living out our happily ever after with our angel baby watching over us every day."