I HAD to blog this gorgeous session today as well... I mean heart EYES! I have known Danielle forever before babes and in high school. She did all my ultrasounds while in school when I was pregnant with all my littles. I loved meeting her gorgeous family and I am so excited already to photograph them a million times more in the future!





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Well I am super excited to share this session. Is not everyday The Russell's contact you for pictures. The burch house has the best lighting and that day the lighting did NOT disappoint. We started with the sweet babies (who were very tired that day) but they did great giving me all their good stank faces. haha! Luckily the session was mostly for the parents! Addison and melisa are the sweetest couple. Not only is it very clear they are madly in love.... they are both very sweet. I loved meeting you all and I am very excited about future sessions with you guys! :)